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    • Jorge-google Once there scroll to the bottom and there you read going through the 66. download and you will be able to listen one book at a time. Once Pine Knoll allowed to copy to blank cd disc. If you do your homework you might be able to copy each book. These book was produced in the 80’s I have listen to the 66 at least 20 times since then They are still timely in the 2020. He kept me so close to God I will never be able to thank him until I meet him in the New Jerusalem. You can email me if you

  • Hello,
    I am new to all Maxswel,sl material. I am reading the book Can God be Trusted, and I am so thankful to God for bringing me in contact with his material. I went and googled his name andI found God in all the 66. I am studying the New Testament one book at the time and I would like to get in contact with you to see if you can help me get more of his material in printable form. I also would like to get his materials in Spanish if there is any.

  • for me these revelation of truth about God changed the picture of the God that I love and trust.

  • How can I get more books through this program because there is many people who didn’t get the Adventist message they are interested to read some books

  • Thanks!

    In the Romans 9:5 section you are a bit incomplete, with ____ instead of words in describing the punctuation possibilities.

    Have some thoughts, too, but first can you fix the above?

  • This is hair raising. The more of these these recordings I listen to the more I recognize how ignorant I am.
    That was so profound.
    Thank you for making these available.