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  • Jon Pauline was working on Conversations with God. Did he finish? Is it available in print? Have SO been blessed by the audio!

    • The long awaited book, Graham Maxwell’s Conversations About God, arrived last week from the press via an 18- wheeler truck with 19 pallets of good news. The hardcover, 496-page book format of Graham Maxwell and Lou Venden’s 1984 audio series in the University Church, includes the Bible reference sheets and is printed in full color with nature scenes in each of the 20 chapters. Jon Paulien has outdone even his own highly respected skills as editor, bringing the audio to book format. We think you will be as thrilled as we are!
      If you live locally, call and come by to pick up your gift copy; or if you live at a distance, send us your address and phone number for a mailed copy.
      Cherie and your Pine Knoll team

    • Jorge-google Once there scroll to the bottom and there you read going through the 66. download and you will be able to listen one book at a time. Once Pine Knoll allowed to copy to blank cd disc. If you do your homework you might be able to copy each book. These book was produced in the 80’s I have listen to the 66 at least 20 times since then They are still timely in the 2020. He kept me so close to God I will never be able to thank him until I meet him in the New Jerusalem. You can email me if you

  • Jean, thank you–the book is at the printers and the shipment due here probably end of August or early September. We’re pretty excited, and glad you’re looking forward to it, too.

    Cherie and your Pine Knoll family

  • Thank you for the series. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for how to incorporate this in children’s level. I am expecting my first born and really want to communicate this information to him.

    • Linda,

      Years ago Graham developed a series of Bible books, I think for the first four years of school. Unfortunately, I don’t believe they were ever published and used. Maybe Cherie knows more about them. We somehow got a copy of at least one year when our children were small. I am not sure if we still have it (them). We have moved a lot during the 40+ years since then.

Free Gift Copy Currently AvailableConversations About God

The long awaited book, Graham Maxwell’s Conversations About God, has arrived.

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