“Conversations About God” Book Release by Graham Maxwell


The long awaited book, Graham Maxwell’s Conversations About God, has arrived.

After a remarkable response to the gift books offer, the second printing of Conversations About God is almost gone and we are working towards a third printing.  To stretch the remaining books to serve as many as possible, we are unable to accept large orders at this time.

Meanwhile, the electronic copies of the book are available for free downloading.  

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The hardcover, 496-page book format of Graham Maxwell and Lou Venden’s 1984 audio series in the University Church, includes the Bible reference sheets and is printed in full color with nature scenes in each of the 20 chapters. Jon Paulien has outdone even his own highly respected skills as editor, bringing the audio to book format. We think you will be as thrilled as we are!

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If you live locally, call (909) 792-0111 and come by to pick up your gift copy; or if you live at a distance, fill out this form for a mailed copy.

The title of this book, Conversations About God, not only reflects its content, but also its origin in a series of twenty programs by that name presented at the Loma Linda University Church in 1984.  In that memorable series, Dr. A. Graham Maxwell opened each evening’s topic with a presentation, followed by questions and comments from the audience, moderated by then pastor Louis Venden.  This book is an edited version of the original “conversations.”  The editor, Jon Paulien, has sought to preserve the flavor of the original conversations as much as possible, guided by Graham’s daughter, Audrey Zinke, and his close friend Cherie Kirk.  The manuscript was also enthusiastically examined by Pastor Venden himself.

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