Servants or Friends? Another Look at God


This book is about a God who values nothing higher than the freedom and individuality of his people.  he has even said plainly that he prefers to treat them not as servants but as friends!

Millions of Christians around the world have turned away from an apparently tyrannical god — a god who simply doesn’t make sense.   Misunderstanding the “dark speech” and “servant talk” in the Bible has led many thoughtful people to relegate Christianity to a bygone, less enlightened age.

Servants or Friends? tries to follow Jesus’ example of talking “plainly and clearly” about God, as God himself was able to talk with his good friend Moses.

by Graham Maxwell

Illustrated by Susan Kelley

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Good news has a way of spreading on its own.  This has been true of the picture of God presented in Servants or Friends?

The idea that an infinitely powerful God would value nothing higher than the freedom and friendship of his people has come as great good news to young and old of many different cultures.  And this picture of God is not based on a selection of favorable verses.  It requires that the Bible be read as a whole—including the most forbidding stories!

This way of studying the Scriptures has attracted the attention of people in the many lands.  Some listen to audio recordings of groups going through the Bible book by book.   One man first listened while driving back and forth from Jerusalem to Nazareth.  Another listened as he rode his motorcycle around Tanzania!

Questions and suggestion from Bible readers in a variety of lands have contributed to the preparation of Servants or Friends!

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